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Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:27 pm by Admin

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Part 2: Applying to Medical School

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Part 2: Applying to Medical School

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:39 pm

After you wait a month to receive your MCAT score, you can now apply! The AMCAS application opens for the 2013 cycle on May 1st, but the earliest you can apply is June 1st. The essay topic is "Explain why you want to go to medical school" (in 5300 characters, or approximately one full page single spaced).
Personal Statement Tips:
i. The Personal Statement the most important/difficult thing you will write so start thinking about why you want to be doctor and how have you shown your interest in the field.
ii. Have experiences you can draw from or have a mentor that has made an impact in your decision to become a doctor
iii. Keep a journal of your experiences to recall moments when you start writing.
iv. Look at the "Personal Statement" section in the private section for help:
v. Read other people's personal statements to get a feel of how to stand out when you write one:

Credential File
The credential file for Dr. Langhorne will take a lot of time so try and start it and finish it during the breaks of junior year. He sends in the committee letter around July if you finish your credential file on time. The earlier you finish your credential file, the earlier the AMCAS application can be processed (it takes roughly a month for it to be processed), the earlier your schools can send you their Secondary Applications, and the earlier your applications can be done so you can get an interview!
Everything regarding the Credential File is in private section in "True Life: I'm Pre-med":

Side Note:
You can send the AMCAS application without receiving your MCAT score. Some of the schools will give you their Secondary Applications without knowing your score and some schools wait to see your score before giving you their Secondary Application (eg. Hofstra wants you to have at least 25 on the MCAT or they will not give you their secondary so they save you time and money because you won't get in). However, the longer you wait to take your MCATs, the less chance of you getting an interview or being accepted because Med schools accept people on a rolling basis so they try to fill up their seats with people that did well in interviews.

Tips on saving money:
1. Apply for Fee Assistance Program (FAP) because it:
  • reduces your MCAT registration fee from $240 to $85
  • provides free access to Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) if you do not want to buy it for $15 or borrow it from the library
  • waivers for all AMCAS fees for up to 14 medical schools ($500+ value)
  • waivers some Secondary Application fees (eg. Albert Einstein, SUNY Upstate/Downstate)

2. ONLY if you are happy with your MCAT score can you send your Secondary Applications because Secondary Application fee for each school is like $100.

Here are some Secondary Application Essays I received in 2011:

New Jersey Medical School (NJMS)
  • Please provide any additional insight into those personal characteristics you believe make you an ideal candidate for New Jersey Medical School (NJMS)? Please respond in 1500 characters or less.
  • If your legal residence on your AMCAS application is not NJ, you will be considered an out of state resident and will be required to answer questions 3a and 3b:
    a. Please describe the specific and/or unique reasons you have applied to NJMS. Please respond in 1000 characters or less.
    b. Please discuss any significant connections to New Jersey (i.e. family, close friends, previous residence, etc.) Please respond in 1000 characters or less

The Commonwealth Medical College
  • 1) List the 5 most important attributes you feel a physician should possess.
    (2000 characters max.)
    2) Choose one attribute from the above list, and describe one personal experience that best exemplifies that attribute.
    (2000 characters max.)
    3) Given TCMC's unique missions and values, please tell us why you feel you are a good fit for our institution.
    (2000 characters max.)
    4) TCMC values diversity and is committed to maintaining an inclusive environment. How do you think you can contribute to our commitment to diversity and inclusion?
    (2000 characters max.)
    5) Using 1 - 3 sentences, explain how your admission to TCMC could assist in addressing the health care needs of northeastern Pennsylvania.
    (2000 characters max.)
    6) If you could speak directly to the Admissions Committee, explain why you should be admitted to The Commonwealth Medical College.
    (2000 characters max.)

Stony Brook University's School of Medicine
  • ESSAY QUESTIONS: (Please limit your responses to one page per question)

Temple University School of Medicine
  • 1)What is the nature of your special interest in Temple University School of Medicine? (Use the following space. There is no character limit.)
    2)If you indicated St. Luke's Regional Campus or one of our clinical campuses (Geisinger Health System or West Penn Allegheny Health System) as your first choice, please describe the nature of your special interest. Otherwise, please type N/A to continue. (Use the following space. There is no character limit.)
    3)What are your plans for the current year- June 2011 until June 2012? (Use the following space. There is no character limit.)

Albany Medical College
  • 1) Describe yourself:
    (1,000 character limit)
    2) If selected for an interview, what one life experience would you most like to talk about?
    (160 character limit)

SUNY Downstate Medical Center
  • 1) If you are not attending college/university full time as of September 15, 2011, please describe your activities from July 2011 to July 2012.
    2) (Only if this applies to you) If you are not from the New York City metropolitan area (Five Boroughs), describe what personal experiences prepare you to live and study in New York City, and what will be your personal support system. Limit your statement to a maximum of 100 words. Attach an additional sheet, if necessary.
    3) (Only if this applies to you) If you have a specific reason (e.g., significant other, job transfer, family obligations) why you wish to attend medical school in New York City, please explain. Limit your statement to a maximum of 100 words.
    4) (Optional) If you have a specific reason why you have chosen to apply to SUNY Downstate's College of Medicine, please explain. Limit your statement to a maximum of 100 words.
    5) List any particular medical specialties for your residency training in which you are interested in. Your response does not affect admission and is used for statistical purposes only.
    6) How did you hear about our College of Medicine? (A maximum list of 1-4)
    7) What are your leisure activities?

Meharry Medical College
  • Why do you wish to attend Meharry Medical College, School of Medicine?

Howard University College of Medicine
  • 1) I have lived (for three years or more) in communities which are medically underserved, or where the majority of the population is economically and/or educationally disadvantaged. Yes: No:
    If yes, please explain/describe briefly
    2) After residency, I plan to practice medicine in an underserved or disadvantaged community. Yes: No:
    If yes, please explain/describe briefly:
    3) I have worked (volunteer or paid employment) with medically underserved, economically disadvantaged and/or educationally disadvantaged populations Yes: No: If yes, please explain/describe briefly:

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MD vs DO vs Caribbean

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:40 pm

Hard Facts and Statistics:

You should be looking at Residency Placement Rates and the USMLE Pass Rates when you are applying. The school should be doing whatever it takes to prepare its students for the USMLE and getting into residency programs. A high Residency Placement Rate and USMLE Pass Rate shows that the school supports and cares for its students because they are paying thousands of dollars to the school to ultimately earn a living.

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Your Chances of Getting an Interview

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:00 am

The Spreadsheets of your Chances in a particular school is posted in the private section of the PhiDE webpage:
SDN Spreadsheet found from forum:


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2011-2012 Applicant Sticky (PS, AMCAS, Secondaries, Interviews, etc)

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:27 pm

Everything that was previously stated in this topic (includes other secondaries):


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Re: Part 2: Applying to Medical School

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